Providing You With More Details on Our Mining Project

The PBR Project

The Puebla de la Reina property covers 90km² and consists of 299 individual Mining Grid rectangles, which form a contiguous block. It is mostly situated in the municipalities of Palomas and Puebla de la Reina and covers both namesake settlements but also overlaps the municipalities of Alange and Oliva de Mérida in small areas along the northern property boundary. Regionally the property lies in the Province of Badajoz in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, Southwest Spain.

The property surrounds a single Mining Grid rectangle which covers a small industrial minerals or stone quarrying operation about 2.2km southeast of the village of Puebla de la Reina operated by Majoin SL, a construction company.

Nearby regional towns include Badajoz (80km west-northwest), Mérida (35km northwest), and Almendralejo (25km west). The nearest major cities are Seville (140km south), Madrid (300km northeast) and Lisbon, Portugal (250km west).

The claim block itself is titled the Permiso de Investigación “Herrerías” # 12.785, which was demarcated in March 2013 (Morales 2013). The permit was originally granted for a three-year period.

Historical Exploration Work

IGME (1983 – 1987)

  • Mapping: (1:10,000 scale) of an area of 20 Km2. Detailed mapping (1:2,000 scale) over 1.4 Km2 (northwestern PBR)

  • Stream sediments survey over 390 Km2: 891 stream samples and 40 stream sediment samples (approx. 2 samples/Km2)

  • Soil sediments prospection: 37 section (sample each 50m). Total sampling: 651 samples to analyze Cu-Pb-Zn. A second soil sediment prospection includes 689 samples (ICP analisys) over sections each 200 mt (sample each 25 m)

  • Geophysics: “Mis à la mas”, IP, Gravimetry, Terrestrial magnetometry, Airborne Survey (magnetometry, multifrequency electromagnetic and VLF-EM)

  • Trenching plan: 131 meters of trenchs (7 units). Samples was analysed for Cu-Pb-Zn-Au-Ag

  • Core Drill plan: 1983-84 and 1985 (1,349.45 m); 1985-1987 (383.45 m). Totally: 1,732.90 meters

Outukumpu (1999 – 2001)

  • Mapping: (1:10.000 scale) of an area of 74,5 Km2

  • Soil sediments prospection: 74 samples (ICP analysis 47 elements)

  • Geophysics: Gravimetry, Electromagnetic (EM), Electromagnetic down-hole (DHEM)

  • Core Drill plan: 1999 (641.70 m); 2000 (2,974.95 m); 2001 (1,247.10 m). Totally: 4,866.75 m

Outukumpu indicated a provisional estimation resources of Puebla la Reina deposit,

500,000t @ 1.6% Cu, 11% Zn, 1.2% Pb and 32 g/t Ag
At present, the structure was only recognized in the northeastern area of PBR. Further works to consider the extension of exploration toward the west and southwest area of volcano-sedimentary formation.

Map and Location